Weekend Wars

Are you a so busy, that you forget to sleep? 

Since I am a full time University Student, the only time I have to work is really the weekend! Which you may all notice as problematic, because…”when on earth does Mazie have Mazie Time?” A dear friend of mine and I were chatting one day and he asked me how I did it! School, work, boyfriend, homework, AwkwardBoots,… and everything else I am involved in, and this is how I do it.

No day planner.Those have never worked for me!

Just me and my effective time management. The way I see is this. Out of all the things I do, the only things that I don’t love on that list, are work ( my part time cashier job), and homework. Sooooo a few months ago, I decided to put them together. I carry a teeny tiny notebook around with me at work, and when ever I do not have a customer. I plot my points, gather a thesis, and make lists of things I need to do. I also have come to write rough drafts of my essays on my breaks. So 15 minutes, then 30, then another 15 minutes, that’s an hour of essay planning that I don’t have to do at home. That’s an hour more of me time, or Jeff time, or sewing time. 

I’m pretty lucky, that I like to read and write, because I stay up late doing both of those things all of the time, but I promise you, that I never ever ever write an essay THE NIGHT before, I always right it in the day. My reason for never writing at night is, obviously it messes with the quality of your paper, it stresses you out, and it exhausts you, which, I don’t know about you, but that really is not effective for me. NO! I write mine preferably during the day, early in the morning, that way I have the day to get it edited, and then I can stay up late sewing or chatting with the boyfriend, or you know, blogging!

 As for the boyfriend, Jeff and I are both pretty busy characters! He works full time, an hour away, and I have school everyday. Luckily I was able to some what plan my class schedules so that we have time together at night, we have enough time to watch movies, which we love to do! But if I have a deadline, or if he has important stuff to do, then we both know what the priority is. I’m lucky! Not many guys could deal with my cluttered mind, but Jeff is perfect for that! 

Its not about cutting things out of your life, its about splicing them together to make room for the things you love. Work is inevitable, so is homework. So is budgeting, Why don’t you put on a CD that a friend told you to check out and write your essay?

(Don’t even try to get me started on how I find time to write poetry!)

 Kill to birds with one stone, and you, young grasshopper, will have time to flourish. 

xoxo Mazie


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