This week on Fancy Finds has a very special theme to it. This day marks our FIRST OFFICIAL “GOING TO ICELAND”  DAY! Before today it just felt a dream that could slip away any time. But now its set in stone. Jeff and I saved up for months, and we finally bought our tickets and rented our apartment for our trip to Iceland in August! Now all there is to do, is save money for spending, eating and all the tours we want to do, and try not to get too excited just yet! But today, my Fancy Finds are very based off of our trip to Iceland.

So with out further adieu, The theme of this weeks Fancy Finds is: “Things to Bring to Iceland!”

Versatile Travel Journal Notebook with Map Handmade for Artists, Scrapbookers and Writers Made to Order for You

This is my favourite thing, which I found this morning on Etsy! This Travel Journal is expandable and perfect for travelling! It has all the little pouches and pockets and space that I need to stick every single thing I bring home from Iceland in it! This Journal stretches out and has room to write and journal and scrapbook and sketch on both sides! And then when you want to pack it up and bring it home, it binds back together with a little clasp!

World Traveler Versatile Travel Notebook for Art, Photos and Writing - Made to Order

I just can’t get over how much I love this book! It is soooo inspiring, and it is definitely something that I will be buying with my spending money, before the trip!

Oh, the Places You'll Go, Passport Cover, Great for a grad, hand embroidered

This adorable Passport Cover, is so inspiring for me, for I have always been a Dr. Seuss lover! (Daisy head Mazie?) This passport cover will always remind me that I am going places, and if I work hard at is, I can go anywhere.

Mint - Leather Journal Necklace

This is a teeny tiny little leather bound book on a necklace! Perfect for tiny thoughts, and big dreams. Always with you, and I think it could be perfect for remembering places, and phone numbers and times and tours while we are in Iceland!

Tiny Coin Purse Dark Brown Stamped Faux Leather

I feel as though I need a special, handmade pouch for all my foreign money! This could be for the change that I choose to keep for memories.

Handcrafted/ Hand Tooled Tan Leather Travel Backpack

A traveler needs a unique traveler bag right? I think this will be perfect for trekking through the mountains and valleys and volcanoes. It looks pretty sturdy, and it could definitely hold all the little odds and ends I pick up on a days adventure. Perfect for Iceland.

Set of 20 vintage style french air mail flat envelope with printed inside self glue 16cm X 9cm

Lastly, I plan on sending 5 letters, from my temporary Icelandic address, to 5 crazy special people to me… these Vintage Envelopes would be perfect for that! I want to write to them about my trip, and how I feel. I figured, 5 letters, I can write them at night…..and since I’m going for a week and a bit, I still have all sorts of time to do other things! Like watch the beginnings of the Northern Lights, which will faintly be starting around the time we are going!

Thank you for listening to me gush about the trip. It is so real now. And I can barely stay still. Doing everything in my power to remain calm.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Mazie



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