Good morning, afternoon and night friends around the world!

This week, my friend and I opened our handmade business’ blog, AwkwardBoots!
So you should go and check out all of that lovely art!
SECONDLY, we have officially applied for our first festival, and its called In The Soil, which is a festival for local artists and musicians! We are still going through the application process, but we are still so thrilled that it is coming so soon!

So in the spirit of Festival season, I have decided to find tons of cute festival booth ideas!

This was my idea for a booth! Since I have a few vintage suitcases, I would love to have everything lined up super sweet in little wooden boxes.

When Britt and I started talking about booth  ideas, I instantly thought of a banner like the one in theses pictures!

This is a lovely and simple set up! I love how organized it is!

I love how bright this one is!

The booth is so bright and sunny!

That’s it for today folks!

More festival prep to come! ❤

xoxo Mazie


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