So this is my first WIRTW, So lets break this down.

I’m going to post the books I completed, whether it was for school or for fun ( I will most likely always clarify) Then I will post the ones I am currently reading.

So last week I read:

The Hobbit

I read the Hobbit for my children’s lit class! I love it so much! I saw the movie first, and I must say I love the book even more!

Comeback #3

My friend released the 3rd issue of his 5 issue series ComeBack. through Image. So I read that, and I’m definitely on the edge of my seat! Insanity!

Tarot 101: Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards

I got this for Christmas and its a course for learning the way of the tarot! So I read through it and am so excited to get started!


I had to read this for my Restoration Lit course, It was really interesting and I really enjoyed the way they portrayed beauty. Its really interesting when viewed as a tragic romance, or historical travel text.


Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift. Occasioned by Reading the Following Maxim in Rochfoucault. Written by Himself; Nov. 1731

Batman: Year One

An Epistle from Mr. Pope, to Dr. Arbuthnot

Nicomachean Ethics

There you go! I have a whole lot to read this week! So off I go! ❤



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