An Itty Bitty ReCap

Hey lovies, It’s been a while since I gave you any news about me. So I’m going to do a super quick recap of everything you missed. Here. We. GO.

I didn’t go to Iceland.

My best friend Chi and I have been exploring our spiritual paths, as well as our lives through tarot and other means!

This is a picture of my best friend and I:

Met this lovely lady at school this year! You all should go an check out her beautiful blog! Cream Sauce Pasta. Her name is Kelly!

Kelly and I are trying to get into an exchange program for the summer where we will be spending a month in South Korea. Wish us luck!

I currently am working at EB games, and the grocery store I have worked at for 5 years.

I am studying the spiritual use of crystals and stones and it has almost landed me a job at The Shiny Company! Lets see how that works out!

Well there you have it folks, the rest of my year at a glance! ❤

Like you all, stay tuned for a NEW BLOG SCHEDULE!

xoxox, Mazerbeams


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