10 Day YOU challenge: DAY 6

6 Places I want to go….umm #1, to London so I can see my boyfriend….OH WAIT THAT’S HAPPENING TODAY AT NOON! EEEEP! any ways here we go!

These are six places I dream of going:

First off, SCOTLAND. I am very very Scottish and need to find my roots! Its always been a dream of mine to go!

Iceland, Since we all know I didn’t go last summer! SOME DAY!

South Korea, its my dream to go and teach english there after I graduate, and the fact that Kelly and I might be going in the summer really makes me happy!

Halifax, It’s close to home compared to the other places I’ve listed, but I need to go there! I just think its beautiful.

Ireland, I might as well concur all the “…lands”

And Australia, because lets face it…who doesn’t like kangaroos!

xoxoxo Mazie

Here is Kelly’s post, http://creamsaucepasta.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/10-day-challenge-day-6/ !!!


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