10 Day YOU Challenge: Day 9

9 Loves.

This is easy.

My absolutely amazing boyfriend Marinus Dominus! ❤

He is my only love, my only light!

Here are 9 out of a million things I love about him.

1. He is seriously one of the best people I have ever met, inside and out he is perfect through and through. He is so genuine and just such a good person.

2. He loves me whole heartedly. We are on the same level, and throughout previous relationships I have never found that before. Its nice to finally find someone who feels the same!

3. He is so hilarious! No one has ever been able to make me laugh like he does!

4. He is a super nerd like me! We have all the important nerdy things in common and the things we don’t we feed off of each other… if it means anything , we met because of Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering!

5. We have almost the same taste in books, so we always end up buying books to share and, we don’t find it weird at all to just sit together in silence and read in each others arms!

6. He is great to talk to about things I need help figuring out, because he, being older than me, has been through a lot of similar things that I am going through.

7. I can’t get bored of him…. he is one of the most lively people I have ever met, he makes me excited to wake up every morning!

8. He makes an effort! He listens to my poetry, he watches my videos, he skypes me. He actually enjoys me! That is definitely a bonus! ❤

and finally

9. HE IS SO SMART! I love that he knows so much! It keeps things interesting! I love that he can hold an intelligent conversation!

I just love him so much!
He is my everything!

– xoxox


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