10 Day YOU Challenge: DAY 10

10 secrets hmm? I don’t know if I have 10!

Lets see…

1. My nose is not mine. I broke it (more like shattered it) in grade 7, and have had 8 surgeries…. and so the cartlidge is no longer mine!!  Alot of people don’t know that.

2. I’m a black belt in 6 different types of martial arts . I trained from age 3 to 16.

3. I have a latex allergy (its actually pretty bad!)

4. I used to be a cheerleader….. Pretty hard to believe..

5. I suck at saving money.

6.  My grandfather went missing when I was 6 years old, sometimes I still find myself looking for him.

7. I am completely scared of needles… to the point where I have fainted….

8. Despite the fact that I can talk my head off if I have to, I’m honestly so shy and unsure of myself.

9. I get really uncomfortable if things are too realistic.. but I also hate when things are too fake….it’s weird!

10. Even though my father isn’t here, and hasn’t been for so long, sometimes I wonder if I would still make him proud, with everything I do now…It doesn’t really matter now though!

That concludes my 10 day challenge! Thanks for tuning in! ❤



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