Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure -Mazie Edition

The Prompt:

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

It was a sunny afternoon, the sun was hot, the grass was dry and the clouds were thin. Balloons were hung from all the trees and bushes and streamers hung where ever balloons did not. There was a table for all of the brightly coloured presents and there was a table for all the food and party favours. We all ran around, playing tag and hide and seek, and ring around the rosie, until my mother called us over to the table where there was a spot at the end of the table for me. I stumbled into my chair clumsily, I remember my aunt holding the chair steady so I wouldn’t fall out! Everything was ordinary. An average birthday party! My mother walked out with the birthday cake. It had pink and gold bows on it just like I had asked for. I always thought I was such a princess!
All of my friends and family sang to me. It was so hard not to sing along, but my grandmother once told me that I wasn’t suppose to sing along! When everyone was done everyone cheered for me to make a wish and blow out my candles! I don’t remember what I wished for.
I counted to three and blew out the 10 candles all with one dramatic breath. But the flames on the candles did not go out! They did not turn into smoke and fade away. The light on the candles began to float away. Slow at first but it seemed like they caught some wind and moved towards the forest faster. I don’t remember if anyone else saw it or if anyone else even remembers it happening, but all I know is that I chased those little orbs. I ran fast like the wind and caught up with the little lights! They were too high to reach though. I tried to climb trees and logs to get to them but nothing sufficed. I just never stopped chasing them. That is all that I remember.

And now all that I can put together is that I have been away since that day. I don’t know where I disappeared too, or how old I am now, but I’m here and I hope you can help me figure out who I am supposed to be.


12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure -Mazie Edition

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  2. Bright lights were my companions most days. But today they were different, they were changing colour and were pulsating. I watched for awhile and then start to walk in the direction of the brightest one. Interestingly it was not changing colour, it shone a bright blue. As I drew near to where it was floating, I heard a voice say “It is not your time, by safe and make endeavour to make peace in your world”

    I felt a touch, it was my mothers hand. …
    That was twenty years ago, looking out of my office window I remember that day. I turn as the door opens

    “Madam Secretary General, you are late for the U.N Peace Roundtable” I walk quickly, as Secretary General, I remember those words …

    D 34 🙂

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  4. The lights absolutely mesmerized Mazie. Finally she was running, and she was free. The wind blew through her hair as she followed the lights. No mother or grandmother telling her how to be, or what to do next. It was exhilarating! She didn’t care what happened next, she was happy to just be. The leaves crackled under her feet and the branches swayed in the wind as she ran on. Mazie’s Spirit was born that day, and she still runs in the wind – above the world and all it’s limitations.

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