Write Something #2



This is the first love poem I have ever wrote. Never thought I’d ever know how to write one…. but here it is.
Dedicated to Marinus!
Love sits as still as my pen on this sheet.
Not very still at all.
My hands scramble to grasp the letters,
to tame them into sentences,
to pull together some form of a tangible definition,
for Love.
The only thing that stays the same about love,
are the four letters which spell ” LOVE”
An “L” like a dead end corner,
because love is inevitable.
An “O” like an ongoing cycle,
because our love will never end,
a “V” like a less than or great sign,
wide open to the sky,
because nothing is greater than the stars above your head,
if not love.
And the “E” like a ladder,
because Love will let you climb to new perspectives
and let you see yourself in new ways.
Birds eye view.
Love sits as still as you let it.
write it down and stare at it, like I just did,
or you can write it and bring it everywhere.
write it and tear it up,
not out of frustration but out of
overwhelming curiosity.
Love doesn’t sit and wait for you.
Love can’t stay in one spot.
that is how it engulfs you when it comes.
takes you over.
Grabs hold of your heart,
and squeezes.
Grabs you by the shoulders,
and whispers in your ear “I’m here”
Love will grab you by the wrists,
kiss your finger tips and spin you around until you’re dizzy.
love bounces in your being once you catch it.
it fills you even though its conductor, is not near you.
It creates anticipation, aching moments,
when our hearts are close together.
My heart beats like a metal detector,
screaming as you grow closer.
Love pushes the hair out of your face because at any given moment, they can’t see enough of you.
Love is aware that you will never actually touch someone.
and that the feeling is simply a static charge.
but love will never stop trying to be as close as possible.
Love is elephant shoe.
Love is “I love you soy soy mush”
Love is “Good morning beautiful.”
Love is “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.”
Love is “Eternity is not long enough.”
So no, love doesn’t stay in one place,
or sit still.
It takes us over,
Pulls us together.
Its the flip in your stomach, that ache for closeness.
The bounce in your step.
The glint in your eye.
That matches mine perfectly.
Love sits as still as my pen on this sheet.
Not very still at all.

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