Review: Saint Alvia – Static Psalms




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Release Date: February 12, 2013 | Divergent | BUY IT
Mazie Bishop | Contributor

On February 12th 2013, the Canadian band, Saint Alvia from Burlington, released their fourth full length album, after taking a three year break from writing. The album, Static Psalms is a 13 track album is jam packed with the catchy gang vocals we know and love, an is more energetic than ever.  This album gives us the perfect stylistic balance of the fast paced songs that you can’t help but bounce to like “The Commute” and the grungy post-punk anthems as heard in “Mary Shelly,” which we enjoyed from the last album.

It is clear that Saint Alvia has left behind their reggae roots and substituted them with a few  hints of old 40′s Blues undertones and some very dominant punk inspired aspects. This enthusiastic album will be the perfect choice to shake anyone out of the winter blues that most Canadian’s are experiencing right now, but it will also double as the perfect addition to any summer party playlist, as it is bound to get everyone pumped for a good night. So if you are looking for an album which will have everyone singing along, definitely go grab your copy of Static Psalms.

For Fans Of: Against Me!, The Gaslight Anthem

Rating: 4/5


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