Goals I had for 2013

Here is my master plan for goals this year!

~ Stop and Breathe: I’m not sure if I have any followers who are aware of my anxiety problems, but if you do, you know that over the past two years of University,and moving and everything its gotten a lot worse, This year I want to get it under control.

~ Start what I finish: I am a fairly creative being, but I go throw creativity spurts, where I’ll create a billion long term projects and never come back to them, I get myself so excited, but I let myself down by thinking less of my ideas than I should. I have started 3 novels, and 2 collections of poetry. I want to gain control of my habit of dropping great things. This year I want to be a finisher.

~ Find a Better Job: Well, this is a given. If I’m such a writer, and creator, than everyone knows that my part time cashier job is not doing me any justice. Its barely paying the rent, and its just all together affecting my anxiety. So I have been job hunting like crazy to find opportunities and better things! Lets see if I can get a job in my field this year?

~ Eat Better: I won’t say I have been struggling with my weight, rather I’ve been focusing on more important things, like school, and work, and moving, and self-love. I will not say that I am changing my lifestyle to LOSE WEIGHT, but to become healthier, and happier. I want to challenge myself to walk in other peoples shoes. I can see myself fasting this year, I can see myself eating a lot better, its not about looking better, its about feeling better for me.

~ Love Better “Love Better” doesn’t just mean relationships , but for self- loving as well, as there are still some things about me that I’m having trouble loving. Also family love, I am currently living 2 hours away from my family, and I want to make sure that all of the bridges that were cracking and fraying when I was living there, are being repaired this year, because one thing I’ve learned from moving out is that family is still there for you, even if you aren’t the bestest of friends!

~ Live Better: This kind of goes with all of my goals, but in addition I want to challenge myself, I want to enjoy life in all its glory, I want to take time to go for walks or hikes, or plant gardens and meditate. I want to sit on a rainy day and just read a whole book. I miss my life when I didn’t have to work, and its been so long since I last had a chance to de-stress, I just want to get back to being the fun loving, care free Mazie.

~ Save Money: Lastly, I want to work on saving money better, I need to pay off my Visa, and I need to have money for rent and food, and school which is starting in September. I’m sick of counting my dimes. I need to build a financial plan so that in the long run, I am happier, and debt free sooner.

Well thank you for reading this, it really means a lot! Show you support with some comments and tips, link me your happiness blogs so that I can support you too!

Now to start crafting my monthly plans to take over my goals.


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