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The novel I have had in my head for so long, is finally written and waiting to be edited!

It’s called “A Place for the Out of Place” and it is kind of YA fiction, borderline contemporary fiction. It started as a collection of short stories and poems, about 3 unnamed characters who were trying to find their place or reason for living in the world. Their lives overlap as they all run and seek for their purposes. It is mostly focused in on my main character and her journey of growth in running away from a town she felt suffocated in. The characters learn a lot about life, and love and that their “place” in the world, doesn’t have to be a literal PLACE. I use a lot of my knowledge of symbolism and philosophy in there as well as I get to showcase a big chunk of my poetry! The story now, can either be viewed as a collection of short stories and poems and letters, or it can be read as a whole, explorative story. 

It has been an idea of mine for 3 years now, and it was on my bucket list to have it written by 2014! c: 

I was also contacted about a publishing deal, but I won’t be starting that kind of process until early 2014!


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