On my mind, most times.

He called me Lady Daydream,
said he couldn’t escape my trip,
He said he’d be anyone I wanted,
But he won’t ever be you.
Your mind works in mazes,
where sometimes you hide,
behind witty remarks and demeanour,
everything lays there so intricately.

You string your words like beads,
so calm and fluently they align,
like spines of canon poets,
your words spin webs in my mind.

Others kind words use to woe me.
Grab hold of my heart and blind me.
I used to be so easily swayed.
But now none of them phase me.

Your hints are so subtly spoken,
It took me a while to understand,
I’m not just wishfully thinking, and
that maybe I might be enough this time.

Truthfully, I feel safe when I’m with you,
and these days, that can’t be a coincidence,
in a place that I never thought I’d smile again,
you seem to make not smiling impossible.

Your mind is a labyrinth,
that I’d like to get lost in.
It’d be the safest place for me to hide,
full of passion and experiences, I long to relate to.
If only you knew, If only you knew.


2 thoughts on “On my mind, most times.

  1. Thank you for sharing this — I love your opening line, and I especially enjoyed the line: “You string your words like beads”; that’s a terrific image

    • Oh thank you so much! c: I have always imagined the way he speaks as though he’s stringing me a beautiful beaded necklace full of words of sincerity!

      Thanks so much for your comment! Means so much!

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