When our toes touched,
and I felt the moon shift.
It was as though I’d been there before.

Rolling like the tides,
under the stars, and soon the dawn,
our boat is rock on this sea alone.

Things this great, are bound to halt,
Because you’d never see yourself like I do.
Never see that this could be The voyage. 

But you said “I don’t know you,
but I feel you, and you know that I don’t feel
how I should.”

Because feeling becomes believing
and we don’t believe in anything these days.
Scientific proofs and sources mean shit. 

Because we can’t believe if we can’t see it.
And we don’t know its there if it doesn’t scream.
So love is as imaginary as magic.

But we see the word plastered on billboards,
on t-shirts, on children’s faces, this “Love”
drifts away as fast as the reflections of stars in our storm.


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