Blog Plans for 2014:

If you have been with me from the beginning, you have probably seen the up’s and down’s of this blog. You may have seen that last year and the year before, my little blog schedules didn’t really work out, and I think that is mostly due to disinterest. This year, I have decided to strongly link up my blogging schedule with my 2014 todo list (which will be posted January 1rst, I promise) so that I would basically HAVE to stick with it.

My hopes for the new year are basically just creating good habits, which is something I will also cover in the new year! Oh well, blah blah blah! LETS GET TO THE PRETTY STUFF!

Favourite part of new blog schedules is NEW BANNERS! ❤ *spirit fingers*

novel updates

I wrote my first novel in November this year, and the first half of 2014 is going to be very intensive in the editing and strengthening process and I feel like I had to make it priority to have a monthly update for all of you readers that are excited to get your cute lil paws on it! So I hope that having this in the monthly schedule will keep my motivated. The personal deadline is early March.


Also for my monthly schedule I will be doing the photo-an-hour project, as seen before on The Dainty Squid and Love, Elycia. I have always found so much joy in looking at their beautiful photos, and so I figured I would try to do it this year! These will be happening near the end of each month.


Project 365: I will be taking a picture of myself every day for the year of 2014. I am not 100% sure where these photo’s will be kept, but I will be updating every week by posting my week in photos.


And lastly (for now at least) TheseLittlePrompts is something I have been thinking about for a while now. So heres the idea:
The four weeks of each month are broken down simply, to focus in on bettering the different parts of writing.
My personal plans are as follows:
1rst week: Poetry
2nd week: Short Stories
3rd week: Reviews/articles 
4rth week: editing/ideas/brainstorming
You have all kinds of freedom in this, and you never have to follow along with me completely. For example: If you don’t write poetry you can switch that to something else. The likeliness that my prompts will still apply to your writing, is high, as they will be vague but still directing.
I will be posting the prompts on my twitter, which is currently @maziebones, and there will be 2 prompts each week. (days are undecided still)

Well, thats all for the scheduling so far, I will go into detail when I kick everything off in the new year I’m sure! Send me some prompt ideas, or some of the projects that you plan to do in the new year, in the comments below!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

– Maz


2 thoughts on “Blog Plans for 2014:

  1. I wanted to try this a couple years ago, so I thought I would share it, in case you are too. Everyday you look up at the sky, and whatever colour it is, you knit a row of that colour. By the end of the year you will have a scarf! They suggested one row a day but some days there are too many shades, so I’m going to knit one row of all the colours I see. You can use a few basic colours or really get into shading.
    I am thinking of you Mazie! I miss your presence. You are kind, funny, intelligent, bubbly, creative and expressive. You are my little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! Merry Christmas!

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