2013 5×5 Review!

Welcome one and all to all of the These Little Pieces 2013 5×5 Review! Here I will be going over my top 5 favourite things of the year from the following 5 categories:
– Movies
– Books
– Blogs
– Musics
– TV Shows
And here are my favourites from those categories:


1. Books:
5. Marbles
4. Blankets
3. Allen Ginsberg Poetry
2. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
1. Happiness Project

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin has really made a difference in my life this year. I won’t get too into it all here right now, but things have been pretty up and down for me and I am really working on getting back to being the Mazie I should be. This book has given me the tools to do so, in the form of lists and goal plans and group incentives! It is all about the positive perspectives and that especially is important to me because my good friend Connor, who passed away early this year always always reminded me that anything and everything has a positive perspective and that I just have to find it. This book is a beautiful tool and you should definitely invest in a copy of it, or the one-sentence journal from the series.

2. Films: (Miyazaki Edition)
5. Naussica
4. Ponyo
3. Princess Mononoke
2. Howl’s Moving Castle
1. My Neighbor Totoro

This year, I dove head first into a Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli addiction! My Neighbor Totoro was the first movie I watched by Miyazaki and is most definitely my favourite one. The story line and the art are beautiful and can be interpreted in so many different ways! I love that Totoro can be looked at as a figure of both life and death. I just find the stories behind all of this fascinating.

3. Blogs/ Stores:

4. LaktoPaperCrafts
3. SimplyNo
2. Love, Elycia
1. Dainty Squid

Dainty Squid is one of the two blogs that inspired me to start blogging again. Her and  her friend Love, Elycia have the most beautiful blogs and I find myself scrolling through for hours, wishing I was going on all of those colourful adventures. Dainty Squid’s author Kaylah posts about her hobbies, what she wears, and all kinds of beautiful photography! She happens to share the same literary interests as I do for the most part and I have found so many great books because of her!

4. Music: (Released in 2013)

5. Gold Panda
4. Arcade Fire
3. Lorde
2. Chvrches
1. Grouplove

In 2013, Grouplove came out with a wonderful album by the name of Spreading Rumors, and it is full of super catchy, upbeat summer songs. While I was writing the novel in November, I found this album a constant inspiration and it definitely helped push me through the process. Though it is the holiday and winter season, this album still finds a way to warm my moods and cheer me up, with its quirky lyrics and gang vocals. Check it out for sure!

5. Shows:

5. Sailor Moon
4. Adventure Time
3. Bravest Warriors
2. Princess Jellyfish
1. Bee and Puppycat

This year I found Bee and Puppycat, and though it is only two episodes of beautiful hilarity… THIS YEAR ITS KICKSTARTER WAS COMPLETELY FUNDED AND THEY WILL BE MAKING IT A FULL LENGTH SERIES! The amount of happy feelings this gives me is beyond me. I plan on cosplaying be in the convention season in the summer and I can’t wait to throw some of her quirky lines at people. I find myself constantly quoting the show already, and can’t wait for the new year so that I have more material to work with!

Well that concludes my 2013 5×5 review! I hope I gave you some lovely things to check out in the new year and I look forward to hearing about your favourite parts of 2013! If you like the idea of the 5×5 review, go write your own and make sure to link it in the comments below!

My friends Steve and Cody also wrote 5×5 reviews! Go and check them out and send some TheseLittlePieces lovin!

I can’t wait to spend the new year with all of you great people!
Stay tuned for the 2013 To Do List Recap!
– Maz


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