2013 Recap


Beginning of 2013

Well…. you all had it comin’ I suppose, but where to begin….

This time last year, I thought that absolutely nothing could be better. I thought that love finally had found me and that I was going to be that happy forever. I thought that I was finally the Mazie I was meant to be. Though things quickly turned sour, and I was fast tracked to a super hard time that no one really anticipated, I am happy to say that I am ending this year on another happy note. I never would have expected to meet so many amazing people in such a short period of time. I have established lifetime connections with so many of you beautiful souls and I honestly cannot wait to see what we come up with in the New Year.

This year I did a lot of stuff I never thought I’d do….. Here’s a list… because… I’m Mazie… and well…LISTS:
– I donated more than half of my belongings
– Dropped out of Brock U
– I moved out to London
– I got a really nifty office job
– I got brave and tried all kinds of wonderful ethnic foods
– Played in a couple big Magic tournaments
– Learned the Mandolin
– Enrolled in NC for Journalism (Super Last Minute)
– Accidently started the largest club at Niagara College.
– Got help with my anxiety.
– And helped a lot of people with dream interpretation/ an meditational dream therapy

I won’t include that I now have a crazy addiction to League of Legends… we’ll just leave that for the tumblr!

Oh here! Listen to this and tell me you don’t wish you were both of them at the same time!

Well any ways…. time for the recap of the 2013 To Do List Recap….


  1.  Finish crocheting a blanket! ( I swear it is half finished!)
  2. Write “A Place for the Out of Place” Wrote it for NaNoWriMo!
  3. DO MORE POETRY SLAMS I did a few while I was living in London and a few back in Niagara
  4. Sell something that I’ve made. I sold a couple of the hand bound notebooks that I made over the holidays!
  5. Self Publish/ Or have something published. I had a bunch of poems published this year!
  6. Start a pressed leaf or flower collection. A great friend helped me start this in London! 


  1. Read 60 books. I read 34 I believe… It has been a crazy year guys!!!
  2. Complete NanoWrimo I did it! 50,083 words in 26 days! 
  3. Go to one concert, off of the concert bucket list. Mumford and Sons and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Dan Mangan
  4. Get a mandolin, and learn how to play it. Bought it, learned it, sold it!
  5. 30 Day Yoga Challenge I did 28 days before I fractured my foot on my birthday! 😛
  6. Start College Journalism @ Niagara College!

Outdoorsy Things:

  1. Go on a Road Trip  Sudbury
  2. Go to a Convention FAN EXPO
  3. Go for a hike, somewhere you haven’t gone before  Beamer
  4. Host Local Environmental Clean Ups Some in London, Some back home! Though I did more protests than I did actual clean ups this year!
  5. Hike Balls Falls in the fall, and it was super beautiful!
  6. Go to the Butterfly Conservatory Where I held my first snake and tarantula!

Overall, I think I had a pretty great year! Yes it had its ups and downs and I ended up turned around a couple times, I’m here now and I’m ready to start the new year on a very positive note!! Can’t wait to show you all the new 2014 to do list tomorrow! I’ve been planning it for weeks!

Have a wonderful and safe new years and please feel free to leave a comment with how you did with your 2013 goals! Link me to your recaps as well!

Happy New Years cool cats!
– Maz

Ending of 2013


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