Something to cross off the list already!

I have exciting news! It has been 3 days into 2014 and I already get to cross off one of the bigger things off of my list!!

I am moving to St. Catharines tomorrow for my second semester of college! This is a great thing, as I will be able to focus more on school and less on how I am going to get there everyday! I will be living with a close friend from my program and it going to be one glorious experience! I found out maybe 3 hours ago, and I just finished packing!

The benefits of it being closer to home than London, is that I don’t really have to bring everything, and I can come back here whenever I need to! This is also a good opportunity to see what I actually need, and what I can get rid of!

Also an exciting little bonus that may be a little bit personal, but it still is super thrilling to me. I finally paid off my Credit Card in FULL! That is one less thing that I need to worry about and I there is so much weight off my shoulders because of it! It has been only 3 days into the new year, but I can already feel the changes, and positivity. I see all the new beginnings and I can’t stop smiling.

There are so many possibilities now!
Thanks for reading in on my little update! What amazing things have happened so far in your 2014? Share below!

– Maz


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