A couple little updates:

Hi hi hi!


Sorry for not being around as much as I was over the holidays, things have been very intense so far this semester and I’ve been all over the place with assignments and moving and living and what have you.

She here is a quick and vague update for how the first month of 2014 has been treating me!

– I moved out
– I moved in with great friend from my program
– I live much closer to my school now
– Credit card stress is GONE
– School started off calm, but is now complete chaos, will only get crazier,
– nerds and geeks club things are running mostly smoothly
– Book has been placed on hiatus, due to obvious insanity that is Journalism
– I am now seeing someone, his name is Steven, He is nifty as hell!
– I’ve been working on getting out more and being social and stepping out of my comfort zone.
– I haven’t been keeping up with my entire new years plans for the working out and yoga, but once I get back on track I will let you know how things are going. A good friend of mine teachers yoga once a week and she is absolutely amazing, so I will definitely be talking more about that.
– Also I do have a list of things that I have to write reviews for so once things calm down a bit, there will be that!

Off to school I go!
Stay wonderful,


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