Photo an Hour #1: February!



Hey cool cats,
I finally did it!
Here is my first Photo-an-hour challenge!

IMG_38178am :: I made some breakfast and admired my sunny apartment!



9am:: Lazed around in my new batman jams and fluffy mocs from Banff! ❤


10am:: Blog posted for the first time in a bit!


11am:: Got ready for some Pen and Paper roleplaying!


12pm: Got presentable….well as presentable as I could!


1pm:: Elephant tea at Fine Grind Cafe!


2pm:: Steven and i got ready for Call of Cthulhu!!


3pm:: Admired the lovely array of objects in our little gaming cove!


4pm:: Got started with our Game Master Terrence!


5pm:: Filled out our character sheets! my name is Missy Bones, and I’m a Journalist… I am soooo creative!

IMG_38496pm:: Played footsies before we parted ways!

I ended up going to Karaoke last night and am super thankful that there were no photos to show for it! (There is a time and place for everything!)

Hope you enjoyed my little challenge! You should try it! Link me to some of your challenges or if you have other photography challenges please send them my way!

Yours truly,


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