Camp NaNo is in 15 days!!

novel updates


With my first year of college coming to a close and April’s Camp NaNoWriMo fastly approaching, I have been thinking a whole lot about my novel and my writing. As you may understand I have put my first novel, “A Place for the Out of Place” on hiatus from the editing process and I have been solely focusing on school and article writing.

That being said, I really feel that it is important that I continue exploring myself via writing, as it is my one true passion, so I will be participating this April. But this April I am trying something different. I will be writing in a genre I have never dabbled with before: Fantasy/ Occult. As some of you long time followers may not I have a few occult hobbies and some spiritual searching under my belt as being well versed in that of wiccan and pagan beliefs I will be putting my knowledge to good use.

The novel will be called “Bound in Shadow” and it will be a pretty big challenge for me. I have been researching fantasy writing and different conventions all week since I decided that I was going to do this and I still am feeling a little nervous but how bad can it really turn out?

So if you have any tips on writing Fantasy or Occult or on using the writing program Scrivener… please feel free to drop me a line or any links that may help me!

On another note! TOMORROW IS ST. PADDYS DAY!

stpaddys– Maz


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