New Year’s Resolutions or New Year’s Fitness Delusions?


It is not uncommon to come across someone with fitness oriented New year’s resolutions, but how many of those people actually go through with their goals?  Personal trainer, Kyle Gruarin says that this is due to unrealistic goals. 

 This is the time of year for people to reflect on the year previous and to create goals for themselves to follow for the New Year.  These goals often revolve around bettering one’s life or accomplishing something that they have always wanted to do. The dominant trend in new years resolutions is most definitely the fitness goal, but how many of those goals are forgotten or given up on after January?

Chelsea Morin, 21, is studying General Arts and Sciences at Niagara College in Welland and she hasn’t made any resolutions or goals until 2014 that she can recall, but she says that she could have just as easily forgotten about them.

“My resolution for 2014 is to lose 25 pounds by May, for the summer convention season of cosplaying and expos. Not only that but I want to lose it to feel better about myself,” said Morin. So far she is weighing herself every Sunday and she is maintaining her weight. She plans to watch what she eats and exercise regularly at the gym.

Kyle Gruarin, 20, is a freelance personal trainer with two years experience, from Welland and he says that there is an obvious spike in gym attendants in the beginning of the year. Gruarin says that this year there has been a grace period before the rush started.

“I’m assuming a lot of people are still in the contemplation phase at this point and are getting their memberships set up. The surge in people at the gym usually dies out around the end of February to March,” said Gruarin.

Zachary Shade, 21, a first year student from Niagara College who is studying Mechanical Engineering Technology has decided to start his year off right and has set his fitness goals reachable.  “I want to start working out again.  So far I have been keeping up with the work outs,” said Shade.

Shade plans to stay on top of his goals with proper motivation. In the past there has been no luck with new years resolutions but this year will definitely change it all.

Gruarin says that the most common issue with fitness resolutions is that people do not do enough research. Gruarin says, “In terms of goals, it’s always general body composition. When dealing with my clients I’d say 90% of the time the goal is to lose fat and or gain muscle. In terms of popular goal that doesn’t last, I think it would be fat loss.”

Gruarin knows that sticking with these goals and resolutions can be tough and he offers some advice for those people that are just starting out. “There’s a very strong popularity around “boot camp” style programs which enforce a more grueling approach, but it might be just what someone needs to get them into the swing of things. That and you need to really focus on diet as well,” said Gruarin.


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