Seed Moon and the Lunar Eclipse


So last night was an exciting night for all moon people out there. Not only was Mars at its peak brightness but there was a Lunar Eclipse. For those of you who were also in the Niagara Region, you probably didn’t get to see it either, but we can’t control the weather, soooo…. HERE ARE SOME SILLY LITTLE FACTS I LIKE:

  • The full moon in April was on the 14th this year
  • An April Full Moon is known as the Pink moon.
  • Wiccans know the April Full Moon as the Seed Moon where you plant your seeds of desire, literally or figuratively.
  • This year just so happened to line up with a lunar eclipse which turns the pink moon into a blood moon.

    1544470_10152336716581013_5698168956720979791_nFor a lot of wiccans or pagans full moons are great for overall cleanses or blessings, thus I decided to cleanse all three of my decks (Guilded Tarot, Golden Tarot, and Healing with Faeries) pairing them crystals and leaving them in the window sill.

Back to the Seed Moon though!

Since, where I am is actually still cold and snowy I can’t literally plant seeds for the seed moon but I will be planting my seeds of desire and this is where I shall record it.

In the beginning of the year I desired 3 things:

  • To do well in school
  • To be happy
  • To find balance

I am in exam season but I have done fairly well in all of my classes. Steven has shown me extreme love and affection and has shown me how to be happy again, and as for balance, it’s been found but is a constant work in progress.

Things I desire for the summer:

  • To remain in bliss
  • To find more ways to show my love for Steven
  • To find the creativity to finish my novels/projects this summer

Well, there we have my desires, planted and proven and solid in the earth that is my blog.

Let me know what you desire! Give me a little tidbit of your seeds for the summer!
– Mazie “MoonDaughter” Bones


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