365 Haiku Challenge: Week 16




Sliced and diced up thin,

In the skillet, heated up,

They caramelize.


Production system,

Make the profit! BRING IT IN!

Remember your place.


Head in dizzy spins,

Can’t seem to find my balance.

I need the release.


Capture the moments,

Hold them tightly, hold them close,

Snap of my shutter.


Captain of my heart,

but oh captain my captain,

Make it back to shore.


My curtains don’t work,

They don’t block the sun just right,

like they do at home.


The black licorice,

Caraway, also known as,

karon or fennel.

Thank you Lydia for the prompts! ❤



One thought on “365 Haiku Challenge: Week 16

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