Outlining ‘Bound in Shadow’

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So yesterday my contribution to The Writing Process: Blog Tour really sparked my inspiration for my new project! I finished my first year of Journalism last week and have been couch stricken from the exhaustion that was my finals, but I finally sat down and started outlining!!

When I was writing “A Place for the Out Of Place” I didn’t really use the outline method, but instead I wrote the titles of the chapters and then before I’d start writing a chapter, I would jot down exactly 1 page of point form notes about what should happen in that chapter…. that could be considered simple outlining, or just lazy organized chaos.

Since what I am writing now is not only a genre I am fairly unfamiliar with writing but much more difficult to write and much easier to get lost in, I figured an outline would be an easy way to stay on track. But I had really no idea how to outline a novel! I can outline an essay easy, but a novel was not going to be that simple.

So I found a blog post by a writer named Lisa Nowak that really helped me understand. At this point, I have 3 more days left before I have to start writing for NaNo *ahem* MayNoWriMo, and I really need to get this novel outlined!! I have my 4 main roles mapped out and about the first quarter of my initial story plan down on cue cards but other than that I have a whole lot of work to do in 3 days! Its never the writing that is the hard part for me, but the planning, and the finding time to sit down to work on things!!

Thats another important thing: I HAVE NO IDEA HOW ON EARTH I AM GOING TO FIND TIME TO WRITE 50,000 WORDS!! I am set to start working within the next week or two for Old Navy, I am riddled with social events and poetry readings and birthdays (including my own) all throughout the month! This might be interesting, but if I can write a novel during school… during exams within 26 days… I am certain I can write this part of the novel in 29! Oh ya! I’ve decided to cut MayNoWriMo down to 29 days because my birthday is on the 30th and I have not a flying clue what the friends have planned for that!

Any who, I’m going to go back to planning this organized mess of a book and I will make sure to keep you guys updated with progress and what not! :3

– Maz


2 thoughts on “Outlining ‘Bound in Shadow’

  1. I’m going to try this outline method, it sounds like a great way to break it down and keep the writing somewhat organized. When you outline to you keep in mind the secondary stuff like sub-plots, minor characters, etc.? Thanks, Mazie, this was helpful!

    • I outline my main characters but minor characters and conflicting characters i leave to the writing sessions! They will hash themselves out as I go! :3 Same with subplots!

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