MayNoWriMo: The last day of preparation

novel updates


Hey friends, Mazie here for some last minute MayNoWriMo Prep updates!!

I spent the past couple days throwing together the outlines for the first 6-7 chapters of “Bound in Shadow” and I am overall, pretty happy with the way its looking right now!

*Pro-Tip: The Yankee Candle Special Edition Marshmallow Peeps candle is the best candle for writing! *

So here are the steps I took to plan my novel! I am going to have a mid month planning session as well since I can’t really predict what I want to happen in the novel yet!!

Step 1: I planned my daily word counts and then I organized my day planner and my weekend goals for the month! I will be writing 1800 words a day, as I need to be finished on May 29th (the 30th is my birthday!!)

Step 2: I wrote out the characters on yellow cards!

Step 3: I wrote out main plot points on Blue cards

Step 4: I wrote major conflicts on pink cards.

Step 5: I pulled out a larger calendar to plan in in novel dates and timelines.

Step 6: Layed out the order of my points

Step 7: Move it over to scrivener.

Thats my basic outlining plan for “Bound In Shadow” for MayNoWriMo!

Stay tuned for the main MayNoWriMo welcome post with some resources and tips and information for you in our lovely writing month!!

xoxo Mazie

PS: Zaphod Beeblebones says hi!



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