These Little Updates! Mazie does life things 2.0!

In just the past week there have been so many changes that I can’t even begin to fathom. So I am going to jot them down in chronological order so we can just try to grasp this.

– My first experience at the casino, didn’t lose everything which was surprising.
– More flower crowns were ordered! I sell them for $10 a piece so a bunch of people placed orders to have some made for a prom and some other events as well.

– Filed all my tax stuff, cleaned the apartment, did laundry, basically became super woman.
– Got a message asking me if I wanted to make more flower crowns for a first communion. I said yes.
– Finished outlining the novel.

– Called about the flower crown order, turns out the woman owns a store downtown and they would like to sell my crowns there!!
– Steve and I got invited to a big family dinner for Saturday at the Copacabana….we were pretty damn excited.
– A bunch of bloggers contacted me about doing a blog swap or being a guest writer! (Excitement again!)

– Last day of preparation for MayNoWriMo
– I was contacted and asked if I could be the new content writer for! which is an amazing website that sells vapourizers and e-cigarettes.
– Sent out more requests for blog writing placements
– Made 5 flower crowns and they are now in store.
– Steven rocked his group interview

– Kick off MayNoWriMo
– Had a write in with Terrence
– Wrote my first article for
– Chelsea, the best friend, got into her Photography Program! ❤ Super proud!
– OH AND I HIT 6000 views!! ❤
Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 1.31.17 PM

– Heard back from Skye from Think Ink and there is a blog swap in the works for Mid-May (Super thrilled!)
– Unfortunately cancelled the couples photoshoot, but we had our own little thing anyways!
– Had a cute sushi lunch date at Seasons.
– I did a Poetry Slam. I was the Sacrificial Poet of the night which means I went first and calibrated the scores.
– Went for dinner with a friends and the man.

– Was contacted about Poetry Slams, and was asked if I was interested in working with the team to host some workshops and pull some things together for the St. Catharine’s writers. I said yes OBVIOUSLY!
– Free Comic Book day!!
– Steve got the JOB! ❤ Get ready garden centre!!
– was obtained
– I published my first article on CanQuit
– Went to Copacabana with the family, (Steve met my family for the first time, all sisters and brother and step dad, even Bocca! <3)

I also pulled together a Photo-a-day challenge and those photos will be posted tomorrow!
Thanks everyone for making my days brighter!
Keep on doing what you do, but try something new too!
– Maz


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