Photo-an-Hour Challenge: May



It was originally supposed to be a lazy day of friends and calmness….that quickly turned into a busy busy poetry slam day!


8AM: Getting ready for the day, waiting for the boyfriend!IMG_5394

9AM- Got ready to start some more flower crowns.


10Pm: A crown I made for a baptism.


11PM: A crown I made to match a little pink dress for a little girl.

2PM: A crown I made to match a prom dress! I water coloured them to match the dress!


1PM – Painted nails for special dinner with the family!


2PM: Painted toes too, while I watched “Killers” It wasn’t that great of a movie.

3PM: My haul from free comic book day!


4PM – My shirt for May the 4th be with you day! :3


5PM – The poetry slam! Thanks to Alix for taking the photo!



6PM- Steven and I spending some time after the reading! He looks so thrilled!

Overall its a pretty great day, I think I have misplaced a few photos but thats fine! We’ll do better next time!

Have a good day pieces! And please stay tuned for the most exciting post of this week!



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