Mumsy Day & This week on TLP!

Hey pieces! Hope all is well! It sure is on this end!

Here are some things that are happening on the blog this week!:

Tuesday: 365 Haiku Challenge: Week 19

Wednesday: An amazing Blog Swap with Sprint Shack and Think Ink’s, Skye Fairwin!

Thursday: A Photo-An-Hour Challenge, plus a cute little gifty badge for those who are just getting half way through MayNoWriMo.

Friday: TheseLittlePrompts and a novel update.

As for today, this is going to be the only post, as I’m going to be heading back home after spending the mumsy day weekend with well, my mother.

I feel like I don’t talk about her enough on here, and I fear that people might think she is not the big of a part in my life that she really is. Even though I do not live with her anymore, we still talk everyday, be it texting, email or over the phone. On average I see her every other weekend, but lately its been every single weekend and once even in the week.

Her and I have the important things in common. We smile the same, and laugh the same, and we are both strong headed. I don’t have the same expensive taste as she does, but he both have an insane love for travelling. The photo above was taken in New York as we were waiting to get on the water taxi to see Lady Liberty.

When it comes down to it, we have had our share of rough patches, that were mostly brought on by my father’s leaving, but we got over it. We get along better when we don’t live together, which I think is what’s supposed to happen when we get older. I’m supposed to want my own space to grow and what not.
In the end, she is both and mother and  a father constantly and I don’t think I could ever bring up to teenage girls as bitchy as me or my sister, by my self. So kudos to you mumsy, master in command! ❤ Love you dearly, and can’t wait to visit again!

Love and rockets,


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