What to do with leftover candle wax

Hey pieces! Today is not about writing! No! Today is about nice smelling things that help my writing proc… NO! THIS IS NOT ABOUT WRITING!

This post is about my new little mini hobby: Wax Melts

A couple of my friends have come over to see my cute little collection and expressed interest so I figured I would make a post to show the process of making wax melts!!

Things You Will Need:
– Super used candles or candles you don’t want to burn anymore.
– A ice cube tray you don’t need to use for ice (Get cute shaped ones at the dollar store!
– A spoon
– A a wax burner, or a pot and the stove


This is my wax burner! I bought it for $13 from loblaws and its wonderful and attractive!!

This is some left over wax from a 3 layer sugar cookie Yankee Candle! It smells SO great!

So you can burn the candle for a little bit before you try to spoon it out, or you can just go to town and dig it out! Doesn’t matter how messy it looks, it smells awesome!


Here is the cute little ice cube tray I use for my melts!


Here are some melts I’ve been making! All different scents!  Ready to melt!


Here is our melty little wax pot! Note: This is SO MUCH EASIER AND CLEANER THAT POT AND STOVE TOP METHOD!


Pour the wax in the mold and put the mold in the fridge and then rinse and repeat! Once you feel like changing you wax pot, just pop a new melt in and you’re good to go, and though the wax will slowly lessen you can always add different waxes together! Makes me feel like a chemist!

Well, I hope this was a cute little helpful post that interested you all! Please send me some photos or scent ideas for my wax pot!

– Maz


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