Alive and Kicking: An Update Post

Hey Pieces,
Gosh you guys are just as cute as I remember.
I’ve been thinking a lot about different reasons why that big nega-wave hit me a couple months ago, and there are a couple reasons that make a lot of sense.

#1. It’s the summer… a funky summer at that, the weather has been awful where I am, and I for the longest time haven’t had a set schedule of things. Honestly, my days are more often than not: wake up, clean apartment, play video games, watch star trek, go to bed…sometimes substitute my new job in there instead of star trek.

#2. New Job = Exhaustion from over exposure, soooo many humans!! For those of you who do not know me personally, I am now working at H&M. I love the job, and all the lovely ladies and gents I work with there, I’m just not used to it yet I guess.

#3. I think I killed it. The inspiration that is. The way I looked at it is like a tree. If you cut it piece by piece it has time to grow back, and time to replenish, however, if you chop the whole damn thing down…. the chances of it growing back are well…..0/0 I don’t know…unless its a magic tree or something…. I just think that I used all of my inspiration so fast, I was writing so many articles and so many haikus and so many other things that I just used it all up.

This all being said, I think I am almost ready to come back. I recently looked at my blog calendar and realized that I am almost 50+ haikus behind schedule…. *brief anxiety breathing*

Also I remembered last night, that I made a list of summer goals for this blog, and that I have only accomplished a few of them and summer is almost over. ( for me at least)

Here are those goals for those of you who missed them.

Find more/ create more blog tours – I created MayNoWrimo
Reach 7k hits – I am 300 hits away
Keep up with the Haiku Challenge – 50 behind schedule
4 photo-an-hour-challenges – I think I did 3…. so thats not bad!! *snaps for me*
1 prompt a week – I think I did 3…. but if it means any I did write in a journal a bunch
Hit 300 posts – 50 posts away
Write more reviews/columns – nooope
Do/try some blog swaps! – I did 3 :3 And they were awesome!

I mean….. I made progress right? That counts I think!?

Well, I am going to be slowly starting up again. I would really like if I could get to 7k in 2 weeks, but its kind of a lofty goal, so we’ll see… first things first, haikus! 50+ of them…. within the next couple days I solemnly swear I will put down minecraft and garry’s mod and write some haikus!!!

Thanks for sticking with me! ❤
Miss you all, and please stay tuned!
– Maz



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