RIP Poochy Pants



On August 2nd, 2014, we lost one of the most beautiful beings my life has ever been graced by. Asia Bear was one of the sweetest and silliest and most loving dogs I have ever met and she was so well loved and completely deservingly spoiled.

My little derp was 8 when she passed, which is super normal for a rottweiler. 8-10 is as old as they get as they have huge huge bone masses. For a while she had been having trouble with her hips but with some natural medication she was able to walk, and run with no pain. About 2 weeks before she passed, she had a mini stroke, which made her balance a little off and she would come in and out of confusion, but the vet said she was not in pain, and as long as she could still do her business outside, she’d be fine.

Every few days she would have another itty bitty stroke. They were so mild that we didn’t even notice them until the morning when she would be missing a motor skill or would look a little different. I said goodbye to her a week before it happened.
The night before the day she left us, she had her worst stroke yet, she was unable to walk, unable to close her mouth completely, and unable to go outside. She was far too amazing of a dog to be put through that kind of pain and humiliation. We thought of how she would be feeling so degraded, being the independent dog she was. So after much thought and so many treats and breakfast eggs, we decided it was time to let her go. We don’t know how much pain she was in, but she left us at 10:30 that morning.

Any other time she had ever gone to the vet, she had to be heavily sedated and muzzled (even though she never bit anyone ever) just incase she got too excited. She never liked strange people near her humans, especially mom, but this time she walked herself in, and she laid down on the bed and just closed her eyes. It was like she was submitting, like she was ready. It was like she knew her time had came. Mom hugged her and whispered all the names of the people she loved in her ears so she could remember and that no matter where we go when we pass, she’d be able to find them.

I haven’t really talked about it much, but I felt as though such an important part of my life had to be posted about. I’m happy that she isn’t suffering anymore, but now we all are. It’s all the little things, like the way she would rest her head in your lap and look up at you, or the way she would gallop around like a baby dear after she went to the washroom, or the way that she roll around in the wrapping paper on christmas, or the way she’d dance for her timbits. The puppy times, when she was in training and she was yappy and a butthead but we loved her, even the times when she would guard her babies, which were just 3 stuffed animal rottweilers, (she was a great mom) All these things don’t even cover how much I completely miss her.

My home doesn’t feel like a home anymore… when I walk in it feels like some kind of lifeless hotel, like some empty vessel.

In her final days her schedule went something like this:
-eat eggs with mom
– watch birds on the deck with mom
– nap with mom
– watch mom
– lay with mom
– eat dinner (mom watching)
– go to bed with mom

and she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I love you forever and a day baby bear, and I know that no matter where we go when we die, that you will find me when I do.











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4 thoughts on “RIP Poochy Pants

  1. Mazie, I am heartbroken for you. You will see her again. Heaven wouldn’t be heaven, if our pooches weren’t waiting for us.
    Thank you for sharing your words and pictures. You and that big, suckie pooch had an incredible bond and Asia knew it.
    Thinking of you ❤

  2. My dear Mazie…I am so very sorry for the loss of your best friend, family member and confidante. We tend to tell our pets everything and they are always with us and there for us when we need them with unconditional love. I also have lost what I like to call my closet and dearest friends over the years and it is so very hard to think of life without them. As you know I feel the same way about my little Tinkerbell. She is there with kisses when I am sad and tail wagging when we are happy. She comforts me in a way no one can and she is now 9 years old. I pray every day for a few more years with her but I do know the inevitable will come and I too will be in mourning of such a great loss of someone that is such an important part of my life once again. I gain comfort feeling that the pets I have loved so dearly are not really gone but still right beside me. I believe they go to a better place with no suffering or pain and are free to snuggle up to us at any time even though they are not on this earth with us anymore I feel I can still sense them with me. So don’t ever think of your sweet and very loved baby as gone honey but instead right beside you without any pain…when you love them so much they never stop loving you back here and on their next journey. Pick a star and that will be your baby watching over you for all eternity. You honor them in life so continue to honor them for all time as they are you. xoxo

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