August News and Updates and an EXCITING Milestone!

Hey pieces, 
Hope all is well on your side of the screen! 

So I’ve been a bit (or a bunch) busy this past few days. Between working and planning for school and getting a new hair cut and stuff things have been pretty packed. Aside from those things I do have a bunch of things that I need to put in here though! Lets start with the most exciting!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.48.32 PM

We got to 7000 views!! Which is kind of insane for a blog that has taken more hiatus than….. *insert bad joke here*
I think from now on I am going to concern myself more with follower counts! Well at least until we hit 10k…. cause thats going to definitely be a contest and a giveaway!! 

SPEAKING OF GIVEAWAYS! I have been contacted but Eden Literary, and I have some exciting news!! I have been asked to review Deirdra Eden’s new book “The Watchers: Knight of Light” I am about halfway through and loving it in all of its whimsy and on September first I will be posting my review for the new book along with an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!  Don’t worry I will definitely keep you all posted! 

Also, we have had all kinds of involvement with the advice column! I am having some banners made up and what not, just to make it all official! I have a bunch of posts all lined up for Wednesday and am looking for more people to give advice to. If you need advice with anything from anxiety, depression or relationships to school, wellness and decisions please please email me, or comment, or leave me a message on the! 

Over the past couple days I have been thinking a lot about reorganizing the blog. Sometimes I feel like it is just a pool of everything I like and that it isn’t organized enough. Probably going to do that one one of my days off this week! 

I have been spending so much time couponing and getting freebies this week that I forgot to mention that I have signed up to do a bunch of product reviews! Pretty excited to see what happens with all of that! I will most likely designate a post explaining all the websites I used and all the couponing tips and tricks and what not!

We have made 7% of our goal on the Nerds and Geeks of Niagara College crowdfunding page! If you haven’t had a chance to look at it, please please feel free to go check it out, contribute or share the page anywhere and everywhere! We need it to spread like wild fire!

Stay tuned this week for some exciting new posts!!
– Maz


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