To Body Hater


“Hi! I hate my body. I’ve been told I’m gorgeous and I need to stop hating myself, but I just can’t seem to love the skin I’m in. How can I love my body more? -BodyHater”

Hey there Body Hater,

Here is the thing about body hating. Body hating isn’t about how you look, but about how you feel. If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin, then things are going to be very easy. Here is some insight that might make things a little easier to understand:

I want you to pick up a magazine or look at one of those insane celebrity magazines, and I want you to try to compare yourself to someone that you think has a similar body type as you. If you have successfully found someone that looks similar to you, and be realistic, do not just pick someone that you think is unattractive just because you feel unattractive. If you have to, get someone to take a fully body photo of you so you can properly compare. I want you to look at that person that is similar and I want you to pick out all of the things they are praised for body-wise. The magazine might say they have a great butt, or awesome facial structure and photo ready hair. I want you to look at the way that magazine or whatever describes that human being. Doesn’t sound very normal right? That is because its the mass media’s fault that we are so uncomfortable with our appearance, when really all that should matter is how we feel, and how healthy we are. All that matters is that we take care of ourselves the best we can, and love what we’ve got.

Now here are some more realistic tips on how to love yourself more:
– the most tried and true exercise in the book definitely has to be the morning ritual. You wake up every morning and you get ready for your day, and before anything else you sit there in front of your mirror, and you think of one new thing that you love about yourself each day. If you need to you can write them down, but each day you are going to praise yourself on one different aspect of yourself. Please note that this doesn’t have to be strictly appearance, you are not only just a body but a person with a mind.

– minimize negative thoughts as much as possible. This will take some training and some mind conditioning but in time negative thoughts will just delete themselves automatically! (LIKE A SPAM FOLDER)

Lastly, just make sure to surround yourself with people that love to talk you up! People that are genuine and that care about you, because eventually their love for you will rub off onto you, and you’ll see what you’ve been missing for so long!

Hope this helps,
Sincerely Mazie 


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