To Strong Independent Woman,


“My problem is that I haven’t been in a real relationship yet. I am scared that I could lose the “strong independent woman” part of me that I am so proud of.

Of course a new relationship changes you. But how can I find the right balance of being someone’s partner and being myself? “

Hey Strong Independent Woman,

Not being in a real relationship is never a problem, it is just something that hasn’t happened yet. I think one of the biggest stresses that could ever be put on a relationship is that pressure to be in one. It clouds peoples thoughts and it makes the bond impersonal, which is never a good base to build a relationship from. The best bases are built from the bonds that form over time. The bonds that form after discussing the boundaries, expectations and most definitely future goals.

If the “strong independent woman” is something you are so proud of, then you hold that up and let whoever it is that you hope to get closer with see that it is important to you. It is so important that you never let someone change you in a relationship, because at the end of the day, you are your own go to person.

In my opinion, if you have such a strong connection with yourself and you are asking yourself these kinds of question, you are probably ready for a real relationship. New relationships will change you, yes. But the changes will never be as big as taking your main characteristic and disregarding it. You will always be a strong independent woman, and that will not change. The only thing that will change is that you are a strong and independent woman that enjoys being with someone, spending time with them, and that you could possibly love them some day.

As for the last part, the right balance is super easy for such a strong woman. The key to being a good partner, is to be yourself, because a good partner will love you for all of your traits! Healthy relationships often do not affect dependency, as if a partner becomes heavily dependent on the other, it could eventually create a strain in the long run!

You will definitely find someone that will love you for being independent, maybe even someone as strong as yourself!

So much love, Mazie


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