To Blank Page Hater


“I love writing, whether it’s personal, for fun, or to get published but sometimes I lose motivation after I start. I’m not saying I lose interest but I lack motivation. The blank page on Microsoft Word annoys the crap out of me. What are some ways I can get motivated and stay motivated to write?”

Hey Blank Page Hater, 
I am also an extreme hater of the blank page. There is just something so daunting about it, and its shoving it in your face constantly, like “Hey you, ya you, you haven’t written anything. You going to do it?”

I think a lot of writers get the same feeling though to be honest. So here is my advice for the unmotivated blank page hater: *cue triumphant music*

– Don’t use Microsoft word! It’s super boring and super super distracting! My tips are use Scrivener, (My personal favourite), or Evernote or even just the notepad in your computer accessories. Microsoft word throws so many corrections at you and gives you absolutely no creative leeway. With the programs I have just told you about, they not only give you all kinds of amazing tools for writers, but they give you goals, and word count trackers, and data and information and outlining formats. They give you ways to keep notes off to the side while you are writing, so you barely need to look away from your story or piece. I honestly use all of these programs for different things, but they work for everything from a diary, journal or collections, to stories, novels and essays! ANYTHING! Go check them out… right now… okay wait stay and read the rest of this first please! 

– DON’T USE YOUR COMPUTER FOR IDEAS! Unless you absolutely have to…I want you to find a little notebook, just something small enough to bring with you everywhere, and I want you to find 5 things a day that inspire you. I want you to write those 5 things in that lil adorable notebook, and I want you to craft them into possible story ideas! Get creative, merge them together, do whatever it takes to create an idea for a possible project. You might not want to or be able to write it right away, but at least when you are sitting there the next time, staring at a blank screen, you will have more than enough ideas written down to spark some motivation! 

– Don’t force it. If you can’t write today, then go do something else. Go read a chapter of something go watch a show. Engulf yourself in something else and an idea will pop up eventually. Inspiration is everywhere, it’s just a matter of whether or not you let yourself search for it. 

– Do flash fictions! Quick little snip-its of stories, some people even limit themselves to using 100 words! You can go on twitter or even on wordpress’s Daily Post blog and find awesome prompts to get you started, or just use your lil book of ideas! 

– Find a community! If you have done NaNoWriMo, or have heard of it even, you will know that most writers work best communities. I personally found mine on twitter, like many of the NaNo’s and I kind of picked a chose specific people to stay in contact with throughout my writing process. If you need motivation, the best place to find it is in a group of writers, because chances are, at least one of them is motivated, and can help you get back on the horse!

I sincerely hope this helps and I hope to hear about all your amazing ideas soon!
– Maz 


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