To Guy Crazy


“Hello! I’m torn between two guys. Both have their pros and cons, and both are quite different. Yet, I find myself attracted to both of them and can’t decide between them. Got any advice for me? – GuyCrazy”

Hey GuyCrazy,

Take a step backwards! You need to calm down and get your head all sorted out, because if you are having the same feelings for two completely different men, then it is not them, it’s you. Clear your head, take some time, be alone with yourself for a little while. If they are the ones, they will still be there when you figure things out for sure. I think a big part of having the same feelings for two different people is your subconscious is looking for some sense of back up plan. What if the one guy doesn’t work out? Well thats fine, I have the other! There should never be a back up plan, because relationships call for a lot of faith in the one you are with. A lot of trust mixed with a lot of communication.

Maybe your next step should be to talk to these two guys, figure out what is going on. Don’t let them know about the other one, just because you don’t want either of them trying to show the other one up…because that will just cause way more problems for you. Just remain calm, and try to sort things out for you. You’re probably still super young and have all of the time in the world! :3




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