To Procrastinating My Life Away


“Dear Mazie, I want to write a book but I can’t take the first step. This has been going on for years. When you write a book what do you do first? I love to blog but I lack direction. Any ideas? Thanks, Procrastinating my life away.”

Hey there Procrastinating My Life Away,

First thing first is you need an idea. That is the absolute most important part of any story. If you don’t have an idea then you won’t have a foundation to build off of for the story. If you do not have a strong idea that you are passionate about, you won’t be motivated to write the book. 

My writing process is fairly intricate, in that I usually plan more than I actually write. When I have an idea for a novel, I draft of possible plots and subplot points. I usually do chapter outlines so that I have a general idea of how each chapter goes. In all honestly, I basically plan everything except for dialogue and then after everything is all places and put in order I just kind of start writing. It helps me stay motivated so that I don’t have that excuse of “Oh what do I even write now?”

Other than that, you just need to find the energy to write a novel! No one says it is easy and it is most definitely not. Anyone who says writing novels is easy is not writing good novels. My advice is find a group of writers to work with and just craft an amazing idea. 

Sincerely, Mazie


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