To Conflicted,


“Dear Mazie, I am in a relationship and I love my SO, but I’m finding myself wanting to be with someone else. I don’t know what to do. What advice do you have? -Conflicted”

Hey Conflicted,

This is a pretty serious issue. I mean, sometimes people can like other people while in a relationship, but wanting to be with that person instead of your significant other… its pretty heavy. 

My advice to you is that you should definitely sit down with yourself, and think about what is going on with your relationship right now. What does that other person have that your significant other does not, what is different. Once you’ve thought about it long and hard, I’d probably find a way to sit down and maturely talk about this issue with your significant other. the good thing about you doing this is that they might be hurt but the damage won’t be as bad because you are being an adult about it and bringing it up to them, instead of acting on it. Keep in mind, this is by no means ending a relationship, just talk to them, and let them know you’ve had some conflicting thoughts and that you want to figure out why. Say you want to fix it because you love them and they matter. That is what matters most. They just need to know that they matter. 

Next I would say to maybe disconnect from that other person. I mean, that is if you do plan on staying with your current significant other. I would just really think it all through and figure out what will make you happy. That is what matters here, and if you aren’t happy, neither will you SO. So definitely just communicate, make a plan, and stay happy! 

Hope this helps!




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