Muffin Money – Buying Vs. Baking

Hey Pieces,
It has been one hell of a day thats for sure! I handed in my assignments on time, I came home and napped for a few hours, broke a fever, cleaned the apartment completely, and I caught up with my blogging schedule! As soon as I was feeling 100% again I decided to have some kitchen fun and continue my productivity streak. So I decided to bake these beauties!

So I decided that since school is back on, we are going to be focusing on bringing lunches and breakfasts with us so that we can save all kinds of money that we wasted last year! This being said sometimes it’s a little more difficult especially for early classes. So I decided to get some muffin mixes and bake our own. On this particular occasion there was a deal going on in a flyer for food basics that was selling Quakers Muffin Mixes for only $1 when they are usually around $4! So I picked up 3 different kinds, and today I baked to batches! But here is why this is so awesome! 


You know, I’m not that great at math or anything but when it’s money math, I think I’m stellar. So here we go.

1 package makes 24 muffins.
1 package = $1
More commonly than not, you can’t even buy a muffin for a dollar….. but for the sake of simple math lets just say you can. (at timmies or something)
I baked 24 muffins.
24 bought muffins would = $24
 So I basically saved $23, and I still have 24 muffins… Thats pretty damn amazing.
That is such a great deal and so helpful school mornings, or for bus rides or just for bringing to school for friends. (Cause why not make someones day.)

It’s just recently that I have been getting back into price matching and couponing and other money/food hacks, so please forgive me if that is not what you are following my blog for, I promise this will be once in a blue moon kind of thing. I was just kind of proud of how smart it was. 

Stay tuned for an amazing giveaway from KissMeOrganics!! ❤ So excited to host this!

– Maz


One thought on “Muffin Money – Buying Vs. Baking

  1. I think that is a wonderful idea and what a savings. If people added up how much they spend daily on timmy’s just for coffee maybe the odd muffin per week they would see just how much they are spending. Why not do it the tasty homemade way…enjoy and great idea to put out to us all xo

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