Bill You Murray Me?

Hey Pieces,
Today is Bill Murray’s 64rth birthday and only some of you will be aware of my constant love for this actor. His acting portfolio is not only beautifully curated but he is just a pretty stand up guy! I have a folder of movie clips and youtube links and funny pictures or screenshots all Bill Murray related, so that no matter how awful my day gets, I always have Bill Murray by my side.

It all started with Ghostbusters. It was one of the first cult classics I ever watched growing up, but ever since then, Bill Murray has been my favourite buster. He was sarcastic and playful and brilliant, he was everything I appreciated.

As an actor, Murray is so versatile which is another thing that I absolutely love about him! He can flick the switch and be the saddest most depressed husband ever, (Like in Moonrise Kingdom) or he can be completely Lost in Translation.

So this morning when my calendar prompted me that it was Mister Murray’s birthday, I decided to take action. I spent my morning collecting things with Bill Murray’s face on them. I figured that since I don’t know the man or anything, I probably can’t send him birthday gifts, so why not just throw a bunch of things that he might want in here, just incase he some day searches his name and sees that I’ve written it in this post over 20 times!

Here we go!

1. 00

I couldn’t find a link to it, but I am positive I have seen it on etsy! :3 Or I think I may have seen it on


Loving this print

3. il_570xN.434838711_t1i5

This case!!

4. il_570xN.556723497_j92g

These leggings!

5. il_570xN.474474847_kzf9

and finally, this beauty of a flask!

Well I suppose that concludes my obsessive post about Bill… I’m probably going to spend the day trying to get his attention on twitter or something, you know just the average weekend! (Completely kidding I hate when people do that!!)

Check out my Bill You Murray Me Board on Pinterest!

Happy birthday friend who doesn’t know they are my friend! I hope you have a stellar day!
– Maz


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