Calling all Cosplayers – Hamilton Comic Con

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Samantha Ferguson, cosplay designer, holds some of her Pinkerbell creations. PHOTO BY MAZIE BISHOPIf you’re seeing stars, it’s no surprise.
Comic Con is coming to Hamilton tomorrow bringing a number of celebrity guests, vendors, artists and costume players.
The original Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, and Garrett Wang, who played Harry Kim in Star Trek Voyager, will be hosting Q&A panels at which fans can interact with them.
Julia Newmar, who played Catwoman on TV’s Batman, as well as Mini Me from the Austin Powers films, Verne Troyer, will also be attending this Saturday and will be signing and accepting photographs at their tables.
If you are not the keenest on nerd culture, don’t worry as there are also lots of other guests you might be interested in such as three of the Power Rangers and a whole panel dedicated to the Legends of Wrestling.
With Hamilton Comic Con approaching rapidly, the final preparations are being made for the guests and staff but how are the attendees and volunteers getting ready?
Samantha Jennings, a convention volunteer, says she is ready to help all the visitors have an “amazing” convention.
“I enjoy cons immensely and wanted the chance to give back! With Hamilton being a smaller and newer con, I thought it would be a good place to start.”
Conventions look for a lot of volunteers in the months before an event to ensure there are enough people to run everything smoothly. As a volunteer you have many responsibilities but it can be a fun day too.
Sometimes, photographers are needed to capture the highlights and activities. Chelsea Morin, a convention and cosplay photographer, has con preparation down to a science.
“I try to set up a steady schedule and I go ahead and figure out how long each of my shoots will be, and when I should take breaks. I also have to make sure that I have an equipment list so I don’t forget to bring anything.”
Hamilton Comic Con is one of the last conventions of the season and Morin is excited to have some time to catch up with her editing and to recuperate for the next con season. Morin says she will miss the cosplayers the most.
Cosplaying has been a large part of comic or fan conventions since the 1990s and it wouldn’t be possible without the creativity of the costume designers or the cosplayers themselves.
Samantha (Pink) Ferguson, a local cosplay designer known as Pinkerbell, has been creating costumes since early 2007.
“I started cosplaying myself because it seemed like a lot of fun to dress up as my favourite characters. Cosplay was always something to challenge my skills as a designer, and to improve them as well.”
Ferguson’s favourite part of being a cosplay designer is working with others who are as passionate about costumes.
“I am really excited for Hamilton Comic Con because I love to see what other people are wearing and to get feedback on the costumes I create. This con will be my last of the season, which means that I can focus on my online shop where I sell other accessories and costume commissions.”
Cory Graham-Smith, a local cosplayer, urges everyone who hasn’t cosplayed before, to try it at least once.
“I have been cosplaying for six years, and my fiancé is the one that got me into it. I was a skeptic before but after being forced to dress up for my first con, I realized how much I actually love to cosplay.”
Every con is different. This year Graham-Smith says he is most excited to meet a character from his favourite series.
“Hands down, I am looking forward to, hopefully, meeting Julia Newmar, the most. I am a huge Batman geek and seeing her in person is going to be amazing.”
Hamilton Comic Con is on Oct. 4, at the Hamilton Convention Centre from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
You can purchase tickets, see celebrity guest information as well as an event schedule at


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