NaNo Prep – Day 3: Pantser Vs. Planner

Hey Pieces,

Sorry for the delay on the preparation posts, I have had a lot going on with my program. I just finished writing a bunch of articles and finished editing photos from comic con so there is that! And here is the promised Pantser Vs. Planner post! YAY!


A pantser is a wrimo that goes into NaNoWrimo with absolutely nothing. No preparation, no planning, no outlines, and sometimes even no idea what they are going to write. They write as they go and thats what they are best at!

A planner is a wrimo that will stay up all night thinking about their novels, they will outline, and plan and plan and basically craft their novel into a math equation! (This is me by the way) Some people just need the blue prints.


And  here is a new one! THE HYBRID PLANTSER!
This wrimo is a happy medium of both living in the moment, and living a premeditated preparation plan.

Overall, it doesn’t matter what kind of wrimo you are, just as long as you write and keep true to what makes you comfortable! I will tell you this though! Find a mixed group of wrimo types to write with! You should not just pick a writing community of wrimos that are all planners if you are a planner! They variety will actually save your life during November and it will keep everything interesting for you. There will be less of a chance of you getting stuck in that mid month RUT! Which is going to be my topic for tomorrow’s post! 🙂

I hope this helped, let me know in the comments below what kind of wrimo you are! :3
Night night pieces!


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