NaNo Prep – Day 5: Wrimo Priorities

Hey pieces,

If you are anything like me, you have about 10 projects on the go at one time and it is sometimes impossible to sit down and get your writing done. Believe me, I feel it all the time time non-writing-guilt. That feeling in your stomach when you are sitting their vegging out watching youtube videos, and all you hear in your head is “GET WRITING MAN! JUST DO IT!?” The life of a writer has never been a simple one, thats for sure.

But where should you draw the lines on the guilt free down time, where is the happy medium!?

Here are some tips to help you keep your priorities in line!

Priorities in Order:
– Family – always comes first, always always!
– Lovers – make sure you are always there for loved ones, even if you are trying to make a word count!
– School – Because grades really do come first!!
– Work – Money matters, especially when you’re a writer, because the more money you make the less stressful it is to take a weekend off to sit and write every once in a while.
– Novel – because its not only healthy to write what you want to, but it is super super fulfilling!
– Other Hobbies – because variety is important

Notice how i didn’t include health or food in this list? That is because food is always always important and will never be something you can compromise. Health and food and hydration is important because without these things there is no life, and there is no novel!

Some great ways to sort everything is is keeping a day planner, if not only for the month of November at least try to have some kind of organization for you this month! Try to plan a designated 1 to 2 hours of writing time in each day, whether or not you need the whole time is up to you and your writing speed but it’s definitely important to put aside enough time each day to make sure you are hitting your word counts!

The next NaNo Prep post will have a lot to do with staying healthy during the stressful process of NaNoWriMO! We want to make sure that your month remains as fun as it should be without reaching your stress limits!


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