NaNo Prep – Day 8: A Sense of Community


Hey Pieces,

Hope all is well on this gloriously thankful weekend of ours,

It’s weekends like this that I like to thank all of the wonderful people in all of the communities I am a part of and so in the spirit of things, here are my NaNo tips for finding a NaNoWriMo Community!

Step 1:
Find your home region.
This is important to do because there could be hundreds of wrimos around you looking for buddies to write with! So go to the Region tab and go along with their questions.

Step 2: Introduce yourself in the forums!
This will show people that you are eager to get involved and would love to talk about wrimo things! :3 From experience most of the NaNo community is very warm and welcoming.

Step 3: Tweet about it
Twitter is a great place to meet wrimos, refer to my previous post about word sprints for some hashtags!

Step 4: Participate.
Whether it is giving feedback or going to write ins just find a way to participate in your writing community!

I really hope this all helps in directing you to a writing community. I know that the people that I have met during NaNoWriMo are not just NaNo Friends but all year round friends now, so I hope you can have as much luck as I have had!

Have a beautiful thanksgiving everyone, let me know in the comments below if you have any cute or awesome community experiences or tips!

– Maz


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