NaNo Prep – Day 9: Write-a-thons


Good morning pieces, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we will be talking about Write-a-thons and how they can be your saving grace during NaNoWriMo.

Just assuming wrimos are a mixed age group, there are many great things that write-a-thons can help you with.

– meet other writers
– catch up your word counts
– get ahead of the game
– motivate you!

More often then not, writing groups will tweet about 10kdays or have Live stream write ins online, but there is more than just that! a lot of regions host public writeathons at cafes (like I plan on hosting) or they even throw parties! One of the most favourite/famous writeathon/fundraisers is also known as A Night of Writing Dangerously! It’s on my bucketlist to go at least once in my life. But since money and school are a thing right now, I’m just going to have to settle for hosting my own in my city! WHICH IS PERFECT!

Basically you just plan for a day in, no work, no school stuff, no distractions and you just write write write! Nothing else but eating and the necessities. The goal is to get pledges to donate to NaNoWriMo’s organization, which I do every year, because why not support an organization that supports writers like us! But sometimes money isn’t even involved, it just gives you motivation to keep up with they other participants daily word counts! Which is something that I know I need most of the time.

The good thing about this is that 9 times out of 10, other wrimos are also interested in doing write a thons, so if you have a free day, post on the forums and twitter that you want to have a write a thon and would love to have more wrimos join you! I swear it will prevail! Just use the hashtags #nanowrimo #10kday #writeathon. You’ll get some people I swear.

Hope this helps a bunch, Let me know if you know of any one who is planning some write-a-thons!
– Mazie


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