NaNo Prep – Day 12: Write Chains


Hey pieces,
Today I am going to be talking about something new that I will be trying this NaNoWrimo, and that is THE WRITE CHAIN.

This idea was brought to me by the ever so lovely Skye Fairwin from! She is an amazing writer and is super inspiring and motivating and her website is one of the most helpful I have ever seen!

A write chain, though way better explained HERE, is basically when you set a daily goal, whether it is write 100 words or write 2 pages of fiction, or just write anything every single day. The point is that every day in a row that you complete your goal, you get a link on the chain! And every time you skip a day, you break the chain and have to start over! Some chains that I have seen are pretty insane, and that is exactly why I want to do it.

A write chain adds so much reward to doing a task that you should do every day anyways. Every time you add a link to the chain it will feel so amazing. Not only that but it will also help form habits. After 50 days of writing 1000 words a day, 1000 words is going to feel like nothing to you, thats just a walk in the park! But right now it might seem hefty! The beauty behind this too is that you can set either realistic goals, or super out there goals and it will be the same level of motivation.

I think that every wrimo should at least try this, even if the goal isn’t the same as your daily word count target, just as long as you write at least 500 each day, you won’t fall too far behind! So think about it! Try it out! I am going to set my goal on the first of November and I would love to hear your ideas for write chain goals as well!

Please go drop in to and tell her Mazie sent you!
You guys are amazing, I love you all,
Have a beautiful day/night!


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