NaNo Prep – Day 14: Motivation and Bribery


Hey Pieces,
Hope you all had an amazing weekend like I did!
Today I want to talk about getting motivated! Now most of the time, writing isn’t the problem, finding the inspiration and motivation is, and so with this in mind, I bring to you my list of full proof motivation tips and tricks.

Staying Motivated:
– well the cheapest tip is to find a NaNo buddy, and get together online or in person and write until your daily target is hit.
BRIBERY: Just like it sounds, bribe yourself with things you want or want to do. For example, if you like candy or almonds or chocolate, every 500 words, give yourself a piece of whatever it is you desire. (Bulk Barn is your friend!) If you like coffee, buy yourself a refill for every 1000 words you write. But be strict about it. If you don’t hit the 500 or 1000 words, you don’t get your treat.
EVEN BIGGER BRIBERY: Give yourself a condition or a deal. Say “If I write my 50,000k I am going to buy myself an NaNoWriMo mug or tshirt! It’s what I did last year, and then at the end my mum ended up buying it for me for christmas, silly mumsy.
– Honestly, bragging rights are usually enough, not everyone is able to say they wrote 50k in 30 days! 😛

So I hope this gives you some ideas on staying motivated. Bribery isn’t cheating in my books, its just giving you a little more reward, I will be talking more about the rewards or nanowrimo but sentimental and actual things they give you when you win!

Have an amazing day,


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