NaNoWriMo Winner 2014: With Only 5 Days to Spare!


On November 26th, at 11:57 I did my last NaNoWriMo Word Sprint of the year, #1k30! Up until this point I had never written over 1000 words in a half hour, but on this last sprint I did it! I validated and won with 50026 words! Compared to last year, where I had to write until the very last second, this was a much more pleasant experience! So lets talk about how I think I got to where I am sitting right now NaNo wise!

Reasons I think I won earlier this year:
1. Being an ML, there was pressure for me to win, its not completely mandatory to win, but they like to know that the ML’s are at least trying.
2. I was racing so many other wrimos to the finish line, and funny enough I’m one of the last ones!
3. I was very inspired by the people that did the 50k write-a-thons IN ONE DAY! YES! AND THEY STREAMED THEM!? WHAT EVEN!
4. I had a very supportive cheerleading team, consisting of my amazing boyfriend, my mom, my Niagara Wrimo’s and most of my classmates!
5. I wanted to win early, so that I could spend my last 5 days coaching the Niagara Wrimos to victory! Everyone is slowly making their way there, I just need to bribe them all a little more!
6. I did at least five 5k days, one 7k day, and a bunch of other crazy writing days, and even though there were 5 days in total that I did not write (because of another tonsil infection) I never fell behind!
7. I had to win, my mom bought be the winner shirt.

What I learned this year:
– I learned a lot about fantasy, and faeries, and warfare. A things I knew barely anything about.
– I learned that writing in a group in person is far more productive that sitting at home on twitter.
– I learned that I have a slight coffee addiction… and I now get the shakes if I don’t have one.
– I learned that I’m not supposed to be a planner. Because I was a planner last year, and it was not as successful as this year of pantsing.
– I learned that I am capable of writing big plots. Yes I won NaNo and hit 50k…. but I’m not even half way through the novel yet! This story still is going! And I do plan on writing 10k at our regional “Catch-up and Write-a-thon”!!

Also, it turns out that the Niagara NaNo community is pretty gosh darn cool, so we have decided to put together the Niagara Writers’ Guild! Fancy huh?
We’re going to host project and write-a-thons all year round, hopefully fundraising more for NaNoWriMo, and maybe even getting that viking helmet for our region! ❤ We want to host seminars and write ins, editing lessons and other wonderful things! Its going to be great!

So here is my Winner Badge and the Selfie I have chosen to include with my winning gear in social media! I felt it shows the amount of “DONE” I feel! 🙂
Happy days Wrimos!
If you haven’t won yet, get writing! Tweet at me, and I will coach you!
Love you, Scheduled posts will resume tomorrow evening and I will proceed to catch up with my 4 weeks of haikus!
– Mazie

Winner-2014-Twitter-Profile  10417481_10152826054101013_1851727280915010493_n


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Winner 2014: With Only 5 Days to Spare!

  1. Woohooo,…way to go girl. Definitely not an easy feat, so proud of you. And what a fabulous Niagara cheerleader you are. You made my nano experience this year so much better. Cheers (and see you tonight).

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